Trevor Noah's radio Q&A

By Drum Digital
03 June 2015

Trevor Noah answers fans' questions.

The new host of the american satirical show, The Daily Show, Trevor Noah was in studio with Redi Tlhabi on Radio 702 for an hour chatting about everything and anything.

Fans and supporter congratulated the South African comedian and had the opportunity to ask him any questions. Here are some of the question and their answers:

Since you are not longer living in South Africa, do you think South Africans should continue to pay e-tolls?

Trevor: First of all, I still live in South Africa. I genuinely think think we shouldn't pay,; if we strongly believe in something we should stand up for it. We should have just hid behind all the taxi-drivers and COSATU. (giggles)

Would you take over Sepp Blatter's job, now that he has resigned?

Yes, in a minute. I would take-over that position, and just allow the bribery and corruption continue.

When you return to South Africa after a couple of years, pleas have the same South African accent.

I don't know how people do that hey. But don't worry, I can't and won't loose my accent.

Did you know that Comedy Central was considering you for the position?

No, I did not. I was surprised when I got the news. I mean I also had a tour scheduled, so I honestly did not know.

How did you react when you got the news?

I kept quiet, and then told some of my friends, later I sat and took it all in, and then we celebrated in Dubai.

What do you say to the accusations, claiming that you steal jokes?

I make more jokes. I always tell people that they can also use mine if they want. Just let your work speak for itself.

Are you seeing someone/anyone?

I'm seeing Redi right now. (giggles)

We wish Trevor all the best.

Watch the entire Q&A here:

Source: Radio702

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