Tumi Morake bags another cool gig

By Mpho Tshikhudo
13 June 2017

Tumi is diversifying her work

She got everyone singing her praises for hosting the SAMAs a few weeks ago but comedian Tumi Morake already has her hands full with her next gig: The Safari Comedy Show, where she assume the lives of subjects in the animal kingdom.

Tumi Morake and Eric Omondi (one of Kenya’s best stand-up comedians and former international footballer) will lend their voices and comedic talents to Boomerang, transforming themselves into the loveable animals we all know and love.

From cheeky monkeys, to lazy wallowing seals, to greedy warthogs, to laughing cheetahs - The Safari Comedy Show, a series of one-minute short scripted comedies, will shed light on the daily lives of some of Africa’s most humorous animals. MPHO TSHIKHUDO caught up with Tumi to chat about the TV production.

So what’s it like lending your voice to The Safari Comedy Show, transforming yourself into an animal?

It’s real fun. More than me turning into an animal I transform animals into versions of me.

Whose voice in the animal kingdom do you do?

I do so many- from cheeky monkeys, wallowing seals, to meerkat. I got to try every creature.

Has it been a challenge transforming yourself into an animal?

Not at all. The biggest challenge was to decide which voice to give to which animal. Beyond that it was so much fun.

Have you always wanted to do work in this kind of genre? Also, in your opinion, who is the best artist in this sort of genre?

I’ve worked in voice overs. I have even auditioned for animated movies before. So this opportunity came out happy. I was very excited. With regards the best artist, I’ll give it to Mike Myers for Shrek. He really went in there.

What sort of preparation goes into this sort of job?

You need to do a voice warm-up before the recording. You need to do a warm-up so you don’t hurt your voice because you’ll be doing lines that require anything from low to high pitches.

How much of your contribution goes into the dialogue?

You don’t get to change the script very much.

Does the material in the comedies have any bearing on the lives of ordinary South Africans?

The comedies will resonate with ordinary Africans, not just South Africans.

The Safari Comedy Show will air on Boomerang (DStv Channel 302)

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