Tumisho Masha sets record straight on alleged abuse

By Drum Digital
01 August 2016

Why would my wife say those things to other people?

Isidingo actor Tumisho Masha's wife Zozibini has apparently been spreading rumors that the actor is a drug addict and an irresponsible father, the actor sat down with Sunday World to set the record straight on the alleged abuse.

He conformed the couples troubles during the interview saying "Yes. I can confirm we have been having troubles in our marriage," Masha said. "But did I slap her? No. Did I kick her in the stomach? No. I didn't do either of that. I'm not a woman or wife basher."

"While there, she told one of my close friends, who I have known for at least a decade, that I was a drug addict, a drunkard and an irresponsible father," Masha said.

"Yes. I drink during social gatherings and, like any man, I would smoke tobacco occasionally. But I'm neither a drug addict nor an irresponsible father. I was upset.  But I didn't confront her then."

"Family interference is the main cause of the problems in my marriage. On the day she alleges that I slapped her thrice across the face, I actually wanted to talk to her about her mother's stay in our house. I didn't assault her. My wife is light-skinned. How come she went to work that day and nobody noticed anything?"

According to her friend; "She told us that in June, he dragged her by her hair and called her a stupid b***h,"

"When she screamed, he pushed her onto the bed, held her face down and told her to stop screaming or else whoever would come to her aid would find her not breathing," the source said.

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