TV Guide, Thursday, 7 May 2015

By Drum Digital
07 May 2015

Be sure to catch these shows on TV tonight

Here's what to watch on TV tonight Mokapelo
SABC 1 (DSTV channel 191) 18:00
Hosted by Kagiso Msimango. The programme is a love make-over show aimed at primarily women between the ages of 29 and 45 still looking for love. Rich Kidz
Vuzu Amp (DSTV channel 114) 19:00 Rich Kid Alex plays all day and parties all night, will he find his feet or get swept away by the life of luxury? The King of Hype takes it to the next level. Will the chaos reign? The Fixer
MNet (DSTV channel 101) 19:30 Put a Ring on It. The Gladiators do damage control when Michael gets himself into a bad situation. The Face
Vuzu (DSTV channel 116) 19:30 Sell, Sell, Sell! The models are tasked with creating their own commercial where they must write, style and perform in a 30 second unedited commercial. Generations: The Legacy
SABC 1 (DSTV channel 191) 20:00 Karishma is sad that the affair is over. Namhla is horrified by the dark world her mother is part of. Tau’s problem escalates from blackmail to murder. The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Vuzu Amp (DSTV channel 114) 20:30 Beauties in the Fast Lane. NeNe reflects upon the drama in Puerto Rico and contemplates the division among the group. Meanwhile, Cynthia has come to the realisation that her friendship with NeNe is over. Being Mary Jane BET (DSTV channel 129) 20:10 Pulling the Trigger. Mary Jane's hormones rage out of control after she gets an hCG trigger shot, which starts a 36-hour countdown to ovulation. She's also offered an exclusive story from Sheldon DeWitt, further strains her already-strained friendship with Lisa and receives a surprise visit from David.

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