TV Guide Wednesday, September 10, 2014

By Drum Digital
10 September 2014

What to watch tonight.

What’s on tonight?

Us and Them

M-Net (DSTV Channel 161) 18:00

After Stacey causes an accident, her second date with Gavin is thrown off track. Their backup plan sparks an awkward introduction for their families.

Our Perfect Wedding (Repeat)

Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) 18:00

In this week’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding we take a look at Latin dancers Ruby and Morena’s wedding. The sensational dancing duo met at a dance competition and have never left each others side. Although the pair started of as dance friends Ruby was reluctant to commit to her groom-to-be because she thought Morena was a player and getting hurt by him was not in the books for her. Once Morena proved himself, he proposed and now they plan their dream wedding. With the wedding around the corner and the couple insisting on doing everything themselves - and keeping things in the family. Will they be able to pull this off?

The Link

SABC 1 (DSTV Channel 191) 18:00

We bring you the latest fashion trends, the hottest red-carpet events and local and international entertainment news.

Skeem Sam

SABC 1 (DSTV Channel 191) 18:30

Tbose and Nimza become sworn enemies. Kwaito is stunned by Lelas new friend. MaKunutu unwittingly reveals the truth about Bens death to Nimza. MaNtuli is determined to recover every last cent of the royalty money..


SABC 1 (DSTV Channel 191) 19:25

Mawande almost catches Kenneth in the act. Ezwenis mystery shareholder is revealed. Ruby is stunned when she gets a call from Dineo.


etv (DSTV Channel 194) 19:30

NFH is robbed and Mlungisi is threatened by someone he would never have expected. Todani stumbles upon something which confirms his worst fears.

Sticks And Stones

SABC 1 (DSTV Channel 191) 20:30

A story of a woman entering a traditional male dominated domain, looking at the issues relating to urban environment, housing and human settlement and green technologies that have potential to change the construction industry.


SABC 1 (DSTV Channel 191) 21:00

We track the journeys of real South African families who reunite or reconcile with lost or estranged family members.


Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) 21:00

It’s the day of Sponono’s fight. Who will win? Neli realises that she’s just been screwed.


SABC 2 (DStv channel 192) 21:00

Khomotjo awaits sentencing and Moriti celebrates. Ndalamo wants proof that Rendani is Albert’s daughter. Ranthumeng has big dreams for his company.

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