Two-meal Tomato sauce

By Drum Digital
12 January 2011

HIS delicious homemade tomato sauce is based on a recipe by Michael Broughton, chef of Terroir restaurant near Stellenbosch. We’ve adapted it and it’s guaranteed to become a weekly staple in your home. The quantities are enough for two meals. Use half this evening and freeze the rest for next time.


Makes 1 litre (4 cups)

Preparation time: 10 min

Cooking time: about

2 hours


60 g butter

60 ml (¼ cup) olive oil

1 large onion, finely chopped

5 cloves garlic, finely chopped

4 cans (410 g each) tomatoes

400 ml water

20 ml (4 tsp) soft brown sugar

7 ml (1½ tsp) salt

freshly ground black pepper

80 ml (? cup) finely chopped

fresh herbs (thyme, basil,oregano, Italian parsley)


1. Heat the butter and olive oil in a large saucepan and fry the onion and garlic over medium heat for about 5 minutes. 2. Add the remaining ingredients except the herbs. Mix well. Bring mixture to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 2 hours. 3. Add the herbs and blitz the sauce in a food processor or with a stick blender until smooth. Season to taste.

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