Two minutes with Azola Mlota

By Molife Kumona
19 April 2017

We recently got the chance to have a one on one with TV, Radio and Events brand PR Azola Mlota and he told all, from his earliest childhood memory to what working in the industry has taught him.

We recently got the chance to have a one on one with TV, Radio and Events brand PR Azola Mlota and he told all, from his earliest childhood memory to what working in the industry has taught him.

What’s the your earliest childhood memory?

Earliest childhood memory is when my mom took me to see Joburg for the first time, being inspired the city lights and eager to see this City which never sleeps.

When did you decide you want to do what you do for a living?

Well I realized to be honest my passion in social media while in enrolled at Central University of Technology,free State to study Communication and PR. I found my passion when i saw how students use social media everyday to engage with people I got influenced.

How has your journey been?

My journey in this industry is hard so far because I learned that everything is done through connections in order to make it, you have to know someone etc.

My journey is so far has been awesome and demands hard work , but till stage in life I'm in,I'm more than an inspiration to people especially where I come from,Eastern Cape, my community looks up to me and respect my work they understand that hard work pays off, they knew that i always wanted to be in the media.

The lessons the industry has taught you so far?

The lesson I've learned in the industry is that, let your actions do the noise, as a person you just have to keep calm and not brag. Tomorrow you might wake up being rich and all of that, within hours you can lose everything. You as a person needs to be humble and respect people.

From here what’s your dream for yourself?

My dream for myself and my career is to build an empire which I will leave to the next coming generations such as establishing institutions to teach about social media and branding plus PR. Having a nice buggati , 10 big houses etc that will be a bonus but the core focus is to build an empire an live a legacy.

Three things people would be surprised to know about you?

The 3 things which people would be suprised about me is that i was gifted in drawing , visual art. It's my gift from God , I can draw anything ,if media didn't work out for me I was going to choose drawing. The second thing is that I believe in gym , every morning I wake up and go for a 3KM gym to navil and back after eating breakfast I do Yoga and meditation , I believe in fitness training every single day. The third thing is, I'm so addicted to Twitter that if I don't tweet everyday for a few hours I don't function properly,it's an addict.

Five things you cant live without?

Well I can't live with Twitter the common trends ,to stay updated about trending topics. Secondly the Internet to research . I can't live without my IPhone ,laptop and my watch , with my laptop everyday. I can't survive without calling my gf to ask how she is.

Away from all this who is Azola?

Well Azola Mlots is God fearing man  who upholds the standards of Ubuntu,I was brought up to a home where respect is important to yourself and the next person. On my personal time with friends we play Rugby. I'm in Good with ball handling and side stapping when I have a ball on my hand. I like the outside center position and people know when I got hold of the ball u can't catch me, I can run. Either way Azola is kind a good person to be with who loves God, and come Sunday, after church I can cook good food, I make sure I don't miss any Sunday's, my mom thought me that.

Are you single/taken/its complicated?

Well yes I am dating someone, happily in love with a Sesotho woman. Well I go for for a woman who share the same values,qualities like me. The qualities I like in an ideal woman is being not only beautiful outside but your personality must be the one which sticks out.

One super power you would love to give?

Well I would love to fly , coz my favorite old time movie be it cartoon etc it's Spideman , everytime I watch it I get inspired and wish I can fly at that moment.

Nomzamo, Boity or Bonang?

Nomzamo Mbatha, Zulu women are hot!!!!! Nice assets (wink) let alone respectful personality, when you are with them they make you feel like a man for real

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