Two minutes with Brenda Ngxoli

By Drum Digital
03 February 2015

The director gave me a 'creative license' during Rockville- Brenda Ngxoli.

Actress Brenda plays Gladys, in the much talked-about telenovelas Rockville, we caught up with her to find out what has been happening with her lately.

So you have been trending on social media in your brilliant role as Gladys on Rockville...

Really? I didn't know that. I am not on social media much. I am humbled that people love what I did with the character.

What is the most exciting thing about playing Gladys?

Living and breathing a character which has a journey that is far from mine . The director also gave me creative license to ' make the dialogue my own' I was able to add my own spices which work according to the character at hand .

What was most exciting is the peers and people I worked with. Lehasa, Fezile Makhanya , Mbali-Entle ka Kofu,Sis Ribz, Mfura (mfundisi), eva Hot maEzzy Ezzy (israel aka Ali), Boity Woity, Sis Nga the make up artist and never forgetting the ever friendly yet warm Sis Connie Ferguson. And how can I forget the ever present Bobby Heaney and Shona Ferguson. They were all such a bliss to work with.

Being a seasoned and loved actress what story lines did you have the most fun with during Rockville?

Gladys story line . But esi sika Lindi noSandile ongasetyendzelwa ngumtshini sindigqibile !

What are you currently busy with?

As I speak to you its early morning and I am nestled in-between the rolling hills of iinduli namathambeka of the eastern Cape . I am in Xolobe (my home town). I am about to milk and send the cattle out and feed the homestead animals for the day. Later on I will do some gardening and check on the  maize, beans , pumpkins, carrots , spinach and broccoli that I grew sometime ago.

What are your plans for 2015?

Like every other year. I shall continue to strive for internal peace . Continue to find a bone to forgive those who have hurt me and  forgive myself for my own wrong doings. I will keep God at the center of my life.

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