Two minutes with Busi Lurayi

By Drum Digital
23 March 2015

Being a mother is a bliss, Busi

Busi Lurayi is one of Mzansi's most talented stars. Her acting in shows like Sokhulu and Partners, Sies, Ses'Topla, Home Affairs, Wild At Heart among others has made her one of the most loved personalities in the country. DRUM caught up with this new mother to talk everything from motherhood and coming back to TV.

Busi you look really good.

Thank you

The last time we saw you, you had a baby bump. Now you are back to your slender figure...

Yes that was about seven or eight months ago before I gave birth to my baby daughter Ayana.

First time mother right?

Yes, its the first time. And its so exciting. I am in love with being a mother. It's the most important role of my life.

So no sleepless nights and constant crying from Ayana?

Not at all. My baby is so kind to me. She is seven months old and she doesn't fuss. That is why I am even ready to go to work and can even attend industry events.

You are one lucky mother...

I know I am. I am blessed. I am also looking forward to coming back to work.

What are you going to be starting with?

A few things that I can't talk much about, but I can tell you that Sokhulu and Partners is coming back. I am so excited about that.

Oh and Sies?

I will be back soon on the show. I appreciate that the producers were kind enough to give me a break when baby came along.

And Million Rand Drop?

Well I don't know when its coming back but I had fun doing the show. Maybe someone should give us R1million so we can do the show again.

We look forward to seeing you on TV. All the best.

Thanks you! See you on the other side.

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