Two minutes with Da L.E.S

By Drum Digital
22 January 2015

Rihanna is sexy to me- Da L.E.S

This weekend is Da L.E.S 's annual all white party, DRUM caught up with the hip hop star to talk the party, his daughter,CIROC Circle and what's sexy to him.

So its the 6th year having the All White Party this year, are you excited about that?

Definitely, the party has grown into something like a culture and I am excited to be doing it again. As usual people will enjoy very good music, fun in the sun and just chilling.

How did the party come about?

It was initially an end of year celebration where I wanted to get a few of my friends, family and industry friends together to just bond after a long year. It was like a baby to me and it has grown really well.

What are some of the glitches you have faced in doing the party so far?

There haven't been many but one has been when neighbours complain about noise. Over the years I have had to consistently inform them about the party and try to keep the noise levels as managable as I could. I have also invited most of my neighbors to the party that way we all make noise together.

Your video for DICE is dropping on Saturday, you recorded u in LA. Tell us about that?

The video was recorded in Orange County in Los Angeles its on fire. With beautiful girls and California as a back drop. My friend US director Matt Alonzo directed the video so it will definitely be something people should look out for.

Why did you decide on LA as a location for DICE video?

I love LA and I have started making connections there for my music, so doing the video there is part of broadening my horizons. I also want to end up living and working there.

You along with DJ Dimplez, Bonang Matheba and David Tlale are part of CIROC Circle. What does this mean to you?

To be selected as a brand ambassador for such a premium brand is a great blessing. And the thing I love about CIROC Circle is that all of us Dimplez, Bonang and David  and CIROC are not all not about the brand its a family, we all support each other, share ideas and help each other grow.

What will we find you doing when you are not working?

At home chilling with my daughter Madison, she just turned a year old and she is daddy's little girl.

Complete the following... 

Da L.E.S is...

In an amazing place in his life.

Contentment is...

Being fresh and comfortable with one's self.

Sexy is...


Da L.E.S embarks on his tour of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban later on this year.

Pictures: Instagram

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