Two minutes with Dineo Moeketsi

By Molife Kumona
17 May 2016

Know your values as a person and stand by them- Dineo Moeketsi

DRUM recently caught with Scandal actress and television presenter Dineo Moeketsi at the Brutal Fruit PinkDrive Celebrity Netball Match and we spoke everything sports, fitness, her new movie Mrs Right Guy and more.

So how was today's match?

Very tough! I am more a gym person than a sports person, so I had a tough time playing today, but I enjoyed it. I also love what the PinkDrive is about, spreading the word on cancer and educating communities, so would do this again in a heart beat.

Got you. So Mrs Right Guy is coming to cinemas on the 27th? Your first major lead role in a movie, tell us about that?

Yes, I am excited about that. The 27th of May are paid sneak peeks, the 40 cinema release is on the 3rd of June nationwide. Mrs Right Guy is about a girl called Gugu who has been burnt in love very badly, she got deserted on an ireland and from then on her view of men was just awful. So because of that she imparts this kind of bitterness about men and relationships to all the women around her life.

Gugu then gets to a crossroads with two men that she wasn't expecting, so the story follows how that journey will unfold and if she will give love a chance or just stay bitter.

You have been in the entertainment industry since 2010, and your mother (Broadcaster KG Moeketsi) has been in it for many years, what advice did she give you about the industry?

The most beautiful thing about my mom being in the industry was that I was able to go to work with her and observe. That comes in handy now, because everything I saw my mom going through or observed helps me now on how to carry myself and what things like popularity mean and how to handle. I learned those things without being taught.

My mom has always been adamant about me knowing my values as a person and then standing by them. She also taught me that earning something with your barehands instead of being given is always better.

So, what's next for Dineo?

Right now we are embarking on a very hectic storyline for my character on Etv's Scandal, so that's something to watch out for. We are also looking at me becoming a business woman soon and music is in the pipeline.

Lastly, five things people would be surprised to know about you?

  1. I went to an Afrikaans nursery school, so Afrikaans is embedded in my subconscious.
  2. I was bullied as a kid.
  3. I can follow a recipe to the T.
  4. I love sweet things, but I have to work hard at the gym to keep in shape.
  5. I am currently into weights and high intensity workouts.

Thank you Dineo,

Thank you!

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