Two minutes with Dineo Ranaka

By Molife Kumona
31 March 2016

Reality star and celebrity Dineo Ranaka’s reality show Dineo’s Diary is returning to Vuzu Amp on 11 April at 19:00.

DRUM caught up with the star to talk about her the show, her business and some of her memorable moments from Season 4.

Season 4 wrapped up mid 2015. It was one of your most popular seasons. How do you feel about that season?

I am happy. But it was the most challenging season because besides being in the show I was a producer with my company Brains At Work Media. So there was so much to do and also live out my life in public with the show. It was quite a lot on my plate.

What were some memorable moments from that season?

1) Moving back home in front of camera. It was daunting but it’s the reality of where my life is now!

2) Renovating my parents house and the drama that came with it. But also the joy that came with them finally loving it.

3) The traditional healing journey was also something that came out from this season. Even though I didn’t want to show it at times I was held accountable by what I had signed with the channel. Its hard living out something so private on TV.

Secrets to Dineo’s Diary success?

God. We couldn’t all do it without him. My family is also supportive and very authentic that helps a great deal.

So clothing line LUV DR whats going on with it?

We are still designing and manufacturing at a factory boutique around oriental plaza corner Pine Avenue and Dolly Radebe street. Am monitoring the business and seeing how it grows.

Advice to young entrepreneurs and moguls in the making like yourself?

As Richard Branson said, ‘Screw it. Just do it!’. Life is all about taking risks, roll with the punches and get up if you fall.

Pic: Supplied by Vuzu

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