Two minutes with Idris Sultan

By Drum Digital
08 December 2014

Its easy to fall in love in the Big Brother house- Idris

After 63 days (he says it feels like its years), Tanzania 21 year old Idris Sultan is the winner of the 9th season of Big Brother Africa. DRUM spoke to Idris to find out more about him and his experience in the house.

How are you feeling?

I have mixed emotions but the root of them is joy and gratitude. I am grateful for Africa for putting me through and making me their winner.

Why do you think you won out of all the other contestants?

I believe I was just human and being myself, so people saw that and they could relate. I wasn't acting or fake so I guess they saw it and then decided to vote for me.

Did you at any point believe you would win?

I was motivated to win yes, but I didn't downright think I would win. I thought I would definately make the top 5 though so I pushed for that. I am glad I won. And its thanks not only to my home country Tanzania but Africa.

Looking from the outside you guys have a great time in that house. What was the most challenging thing being in the house?

It was being in the same space all the time with the same people. Outside the house when we are living we can sometimes take a break from seeing people but for me being in the house and consistentky being with the same people was an adjustment.

So is that how you seeing the same people all the time made you fall in love in 4 days?

Yes, funny as it seems that's the reason. When you see people all the time its easy to fall in love easily.

So who are you looking forward to seeing now that you are out of the house?

My mother, my friends and my president Jakaya Kikwete, also the rest of Africa.

Who will you miss in the house?

Everyone especially Samatha. But I will travel around when I have time to see them.

What will you do with the money?

I am not sure yet, just proccessing that I won.


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