Two minutes with Khanyi Mbau

By Drum Digital
08 May 2015

I want my daughter to have a sense of self and be a free thinker- Khanyi

Her name used to be synonyms with gold digging, being a socialite or some kind of drama.

Now when Khanyi Mbau's name is mentioned people think 'hard-worker', 'reinvention' and 'queen of talk'.

DRUM caught up with the Katch it with Khanyi host to discuss the show, her daughter Cannes and what's next for her.

Tell us about Katch it with Khanyi, you are filming your third season right?

Yes, we shooting season three. I really love the show. I feel like a mother when I speak about it because it is my baby.

What has the talk show done for you?

It has made me have something tangible to be known for. In the whole experience of being Khanyi Mbau the brand I didn't have that thing that people knew me for doing. Now I have the title as talk show host and its quite exciting and humbling. This has given me an identity in the entertainment family. I finally feel like I belong.

Season one of the show was the most watched talk show in South Africa. What did that mean to you?

I am still humbled and grateful about that. It showed me that South Africa has given me a second chance and I don't take that lightly. South Africans reprimand you when you are in the wrong, almost like parents. And now that I am doing well people show me love. I am still blown away by the love.

A lot has been said and written about you. Are there any things that people don't know about you?

-Contrary to popular beliefs I am a very private person. I am out there with my work but my private places no one knows. No one till today can tell you what my house looks like because anything that's not to do with being in the industry I keep private.

-I am a great cook. I actually cook very often, mostly soul food, cabbage, pumpkin those kinds of foods.

-I am a very emotional person and even though I am a strong person.

What life lessons or values would you like to impart to your daughter Cannes?

I would like her to have a sense of self and also be free thinking. I want her to always be herself. I also want Cannes to always remember that she had a mom who worked really hard and even though mistakes are allowed you need to rectify them and rise above.

What's next for you?

I hope not death. I always say when you are doing well in your life in some cases the next thing is death or you become rigid. That said I want to be an inspiration to who have believed that its over when its really not.

That's a good dream for yourself there Khanyi! Well done on the show.

Thank you. I appreciate everyone's support.

Pic: Instagram

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