Two minutes with Mapaseka Koetle

By Drum Digital
17 March 2015

We had a chat with the beautiful actress about life, work and success.

By: Tsakane Ndlovu

Better known as her confident and go-getter character Dintle Setuke on eTV's soapie Scandal, Mapaseka has grown on a lot of South Africans - she's also appeared on an advert for cellphone service provider, Vodacom. We had a chat with the Bloemfontein native on her rise to success and the nominations she has received for her sultry role.

What are you doing right now?

Right now I’m cleaning. After that, going to take a bath because I have a facial appointment at two o'clock.

Let’s talk about your acting career, whenever people see you they ask for a picture...does it ever get to you?

It sometimes doesn't but I've accepted that it comes with the job and it means that people appreciate the work that I do.

Okay let’s say that day is just not your day and you not in the mood to take pictures...would you turn someone down?

Actually I don’t know if I would turn someone down. Recently an incident happened where I was told that my bags might be missing. As angry as I was, school kids came to me and asked to take pictures with me and I did that. They didn't know what was happening but I took pictures with them as angry as I was.

Speaking of your work, how has the journey been playing Dintle Setuke on Scandal?

It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve grown so much. Dintle started as a school girl, past motherhood and now she is trying to make her way to the top. My character has grown in many ways than one. Mapaseka brings the fun into the character that’s the person I am naturally bubbly and energetic so I bring a part of myself to the character. It’s also been a challenge playing her but I love it hey!

You’ve been nominated at the Royalty Soapie Awards for Outstanding supporting actress, did you see it coming?

Not at all hey, when I saw my name I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. Hard work really pays off -  whatever happens now happens. I’m a winner, award or no award. Being nominated is big.

You and Nomzamo Mbatha are the youngest nominees, how you feeling?

It’s exciting and I am happy for both of us.

What else would you like to do?

I would like to make movies and stage productions. I love anything that has to do with production. I would also like to get into business.

Catch Mapaseka on Scandal every weeknight on eTV at 19:30.

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