Two minutes with ... Maps Maponyane

By Drum Digital
24 September 2014

Maps on his first job, his up coming gig and his love for clothes.

He is one of the most sought after young stars of Mzansi, and DRUM caught up with Maps Maponyane during a shopping afternoon courtsey of Wrangler.

So you are an influencer of Wrangler? How many jobs do you have?

Quite a number actually, and I enjoy all of them.

How do you find time though to do all of them without being exhausted?

Time management is the key for me. I plan most stuff in advance and try my best to stick to my plans.

Speaking of work what was your first job and what did you do with the salary?

I worked in retail as my first job and I am not too sure what I did with my first pay check but knowing myself I did three things; bought clothes, food and saved.

Win A home the latest show you present, how is that going?

Exceptionally well. I have a love for great homes and with this show I get to be around those houses and be inspired. We have eight episodes left and am so excited to find out which viewer will win the home.

Your plans for the near future?

Am launching something I am excited about which is web based, but will give you full details soon.

By Molife Kumona

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