Two minutes with Moopi Moothibeli

By Drum Digital
25 February 2015

Generations the legacy is fantastic- Moopi Moothibeli

He plays Smanga Moroka, DRUM magazine caught up with actor  Moopi Moothibeli to discuss his journey on Generations the legacy. 

How was it like getting on to the soapie?

It was initially very daunting because it was a big show and also I was playing the role of a Moroka which was a big deal.

Who is Smanga?

He is a young man who is trying to get to know himself. He also a Mr 'goodie two shoes' who can also be pompous and cold at the same time.

I am sure your popularity has soured since you joined the show. Were you ready for that?

I understood that Generations was a game changer, I did also understand that the best thing to deal with that is to stay focused on my work. I did know what I was getting myself to.

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Generations the legacy is... Fantastic.

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