Two minutes with... Mshoza

By Drum Digital
09 September 2014

Mshoza on music, Oscar Pistorius, fashion and summer.

DRUM caught up with rapper and singer Mshoza on what she is up to and some of her favorite things.

By Molife Kumona

What are you busy with at the moment?

I am actually working on my new album. We are in the finishing stages, people will hear my new single ‘True Love’ on radio in the next two weeks.

What’s the feel of this new album? The same Mshoza we have come to know and love?

Surprisingly not hey. This album is a house one. I feature some of the big names in house like DJ Bongz, DJ Cndo, DJ Clock and others. There is no rapping for me on this one but am sure the fans will love it.  I have a good feeling about it.

Who’s in your playlist at the moment?

Anything from Kem, I absolutely love his music. I am also listening to Josh Groban’s Oceano from the album closer.  Pluto (Remember Me) by DJ Clock ft. Beatenberg is also on my track list. I am also listening to Anthony Hamilton's Coming From Where I'm From.

Its summer... Your ultimate summer look?

Long chiffon floral dresses. I am definitely not a shorts kind of girl.

What channels is your TV always tuned to?

TLC for Oprah Winfrey Network shows. Mnet for The Good Wife, Mzansi Magic for Isibaya and Style Network for Kimora: Life in the fab lane.

Complete the following...

Right now, Mshoza is...

Mature, confident and honest.

Happiness for me is...

Being myself and having love in my life.

Content is...

Knowing who I am and not apologizing for it.

What I know for sure is...

There is a God.

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