Two minutes with... Nomuzi Mabena

By Drum Digital
10 September 2014

You wont find me twerking everywhere, says Nomuzi Mabena.

By Molife Kumona

What’s happening with you at the moment?

I am still at MTV as a VJ and I absolutely love it. I will probably work here for the rest of my life or as long as they will have me. I am also busy planning a project with my company Foreplay media and also emcee at events throughout the country.

It’s been two years since winning the VJ Search. Three highlights so far?

- Travelling to Los Angeles for the 2014 VMAs tops the list. I didn’t know I would ever be in that type of stage in my life. I also managed to do my job there and then some. I am proud of myself and also very grateful.

- Winning the search itself still stands as one of my most life changing moments. I worked hard to get there.

-  Meeting Snoop Lion when he came to South Africa, hanging out with him and interviewing him. It made me realise that I had gotten into the inner circle and it felt great.

Misconceptions that people may have about you?

-  That I am old. I am still very young; I am 21 turning 22 in December. I guess it’s because of the success I have had that makes people think am older than I am. I am young, black and successful.

-  People think I like to have fun all the time and whenever they see me I will be twerking, so not true. I love to have fun when it’s the right time out of that I am chilled at home or doing other work. You will not see me twerking in Pick n Pay.

- People assume I am dating all these rappers just because I interview them and I hang out with them. So no I don’t sleep around, I’m not old and I’m not always partying.

Nomuzi 2

What music are you listening to currently?

I am writing music for my own album coming out in the future so what I am listening to is beats by DJ Vigilante and others. Generally though I am into hip-hop and Levels by AKA is the only album in my car right now.

TV Shows you are watching?

I love Come dine with me, Toddlers in tiaras, Dance moms, the lifestyle channel and any musician special on any music channel not only MTV.

So it’s Oscar Pistorius judgement tomorrow...

Yes and I have been watching it closely. Everyone in the country and I think especially women wants to know what will happen. The case has also taught us I feel as women that if you have a man or someone in your life that has anger issues you must run because you don’t want to end up in a coffin. I feel Reeva touched people more in her death that she could have ever imagined it would be.

You said you are writing your own music, when the music does comes out what can we expect?

Hip hop, it’s going to be cool. Just watch this space.

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