Two minutes with Simphiwe Dana

By Drum Digital
17 March 2015

I was depressed for sometime- Simphiwe.

Songbird Simphiwe Dana has been in the music industry for  years now. And with it comes ups and downs. She opens up here to DRUM about her new album, love, depression and her children.

You have two SAMA nominations, congratulations on that;

Thank you very much I feel honored.

So Firebrand your latest album. What inspired it?

I have always been serious on most of my albums but on Firebrand I decided to be playful. Of course I still tackle important issues but its a less serious album.

Why did you decide on that?

Because I felt I had nothing to prove musically anymore. I have shown my strengths so now it was time to play a little.

Is that the same thing with the new look?

Definitely. I just wanted to have some fun, relax a bit and so I have gone for this fun Afro. I love it!

Your single from Firebrand My Light is superb. Who are you thinking about when you sing and listen to it?

My son Phalo. He was the inspiration behind that song. I was going a lot at some point, heartbreak and depression and Phalo was 'My Light'.

How are you doing now? Still depressed?

Not at all. I feel happy and in control.

BY Molife Kumona 

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