Two minutes with Siv Ngesi

By Molife Kumona
12 April 2017

We became one human on that island

Actor and model Siv Ngesi who is currently on our screens on Tropika Island of treasure chatted to DRUM about the show and some things you may not have known about it.

What did you enjoy most about being on the island?

This will sound cliché , but my most enjoyable thing on the island ,was building a lifelong friendship with my partner in crime Khabz (Khabonina Shabangu)... we became one human on that island. I only want the best for that Superwoman!

What was the hardest thing in the competition?

Hardest part for me In general about competition, is not winning everything there is to win.

What three things did you learn about yourself by being a part of the show?

I learnt that I hate losing more than I ever thought , there's a woman out there that's me with just breasts (Khabz)  , I am incredible under pressure (because pressure builds diamonds) and lastly , I feed off competition

Why should people watch the show?

I think people should watch the show to see their favourite celebrities pushing themselves in crazy ways and lastly they need to watch Khabz and I dominate! #TeamSiv

What would people be surprised  to know about you? 

I am obsessed with musicals , I have never touched alcohol/cigarettes/drugs or weed (clean) and lastly , i get paid to travel the world.

What five things can’t you live without?

Passport , cellphone , laptop , Superman ring , credit card

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