Two minutes with Sophie Ndaba

By Drum Digital
26 March 2015

It's an exciting step in my career, says Sophie.

Actress and business woman Sophie Ndaba was revealed as the now Miss SA judge earlier this week. DRUM caught up with her to find out more about this new gig and what else she is doing.

Congratulations on being a Miss SA judge Sophie...

Thank you. I am honored to be assisting to choose the brains and beauty of the future.

So what is Sophie looking for in the next Miss SA?

Beauty with a purpose. Someone who will not only be physically good looking but also have a plan for the future as someone representing Miss SA.

Do you think Miss SA is still relevant?

Definitely it is. It helps us pick someone who will represent the country in various charity projects that we otherwise may not know about.

Have you always been an avid follower of Miss SA ?

Yes, its every girl's indulgence. And of course some guys as well. Beauty pageants help us to see fashion and also as an events planner I look at it to see how they host their event for inspiration.

So are you excited about Sunday?

Yes darling I am. I am looking forward to having fun and choosing the best of the very talented Top 12. It is going to be hard beacuse they are all superb.

All the best Sophie...

Thank you.

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