Two minutes with Vanessa Marawa

By Molife Kumona
14 July 2016

I am at the age where am trying to build and work on what my legacy will be.

At 37, media personality and model Vanessa Marawa is an example of the longevity and diversity one can have in the entertainment industry.

DRUM chilled with Vanessa in Umhlanga Durban yesterday at VUMA FM where she just started her new radio show after some years away from the industry.

We spoke everything entertainment, radio, marriage, kids, education and also her brother broadcaster Robert Marawa's engagement to media personality Pearl Thusi.

So Vanessa, we could literally call you that 'comeback kid' because you comeback, entertain us, disappear, then comeback again.

Yes I tend to come and go when it comes to entertainment. I am privileged and happy to be back with Till Noon with Vanessa on VUMA.

So when you are 'away' what will you be doing or have you been doing?

Usually I am busy with some other work and business that has nothing to do with entertainment. Because I know how fickle this industry can be I understand the importance of doing other things on the side that will sustain me when I am no longer popular or young enough to be in entertainment. Media is my first love though.

You look young and beautiful now as you always have, which makes you the envy of many. How do you do it?

Thank you for the compliment. I am a proud 37 year old woman, I don't exercise too often but I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I walk often with my dogs and it also helps that I don't have an appetite for junk food or sweet things.

Till noon with Vanessa, tell us about the show?

It's a mid-morning show, from 9 am till noon and we delve in stories about KZN and profile some really cool people. Basically showing that there are other sides to KZN than the usual 'it's a party city' that people have. The show is a calm, chilled space that helps both women and men enjoy their early morning to Midday, regardless where they are.

Having been in this industry for many years, what would you say is the best and worst part about being a public personality?

The best part is that it opens doors that you wouldn't have had if no one knew you and what you do. The worst part would be being a public personality because sometimes you may have a bad day and not want people to recognise you or you don't want to engage.

Any plans of settling down and having kids? Is that something you are thinking about?

As a woman of a certain age, yes I am thinking about that. I was never focused on getting married though all these years. It wasn't something I had thought through, obviously if it had happened, it would have been nice, but I hasn't happened.

I have to admit it's something I am interested in and especially now that I know who I am and what I want.

So is Vanessa seeing or dating anyone right now?

No, Vanessa is dating her work.

So your brother and Pearl Thusi are said to be engaged. Are you excited for them?

If the rumours are true, I am really happy for them, they are both great people. And if they are not true, I think they should look into it.

So what's your dream for yourself?

If I am fortunate enough to have kids I am working on making sure I leave them something as part of my legacy. I am also going to go back and finish my law degree am starting again from the bottom.

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