Two minutes with Zakeeya Patel

By Drum Digital
11 May 2017

Hollywood is definitely on my cards for me- Zakeeya

Actress Zakeeya Patel opens up about Tropika Island Of Treasure, her bae and her dreams to be a Hollywood star.

In one statement how do you summarize your experience on Tropika?

Tropika Island Of Treasure  for me was HOT, FUN , WILD adventure.

What were the things you learned about yourself that surprised you during the show?

Is that I am a giant softy and a lot of strategic decisions I should have made with my head I made with my heart and often to the detrimental to the game, other things I learnt I have an amazing ability to shout at complete strangers and by complete strangers I mean my partner at the island, when I was stressed at the island I literally lost it him, but he was always so lovely and so calm through my storm,

What are you currently busy with?

Besides Tropika Island of Treasure I am working on a health show on SABC 1 called Mnandi Me we’ve just finished our first season and we are looking forward to the second season so we working on that Mnandi Me! Delicious Me! It’s a health & lifestyle show aimed at the South African youth and the aim is to make health accessible and fresh and then I’m off too Durban now to shoot a movie called “3days to go” its’s very exciting to be shooting a movie in Durban cause it’s my hometown and I haven’t been back in years and years to work and I also think Durban as a landscape is becoming a very rich place for stories and movies to be told, I play a very very young mother she is 22 she’s got two kids already and she’s dating a married man she’s quite lost and she’s quite a dark character which I’m very excited to be playing.

Last time we checked you were dating Ryan the guy who you won Strictly Come Dancing with, are you still dating him?

Ryan and I from strictly come dancing we never ever actually dated, I have been dating an Economist named Rob Price for the last 3 years and we recently got engaged and we are getting married in November in Cape Town that’s an exciting new journey for me and no one tells you how stressful planning a wedding is, my family is acting crazy but its very very exciting and its completely a new journey they say that how you go fourth with planning your wedding with your partner is how you will overcome many obstacles in your marriage and your relationship in the future.

What five things can you not live without ?

  1. Butter pops to mind first,
  2. Music! I listen to music in the shower I listen to music when I brush my teeth, I listen to music when I’m cooking, music is a part of my lifestyle.
  3. The People I love in my life- my family, Rob, my friends and my sister, my granny she’s so important in my life
  4. Bubbles champagne, I can’t live without bubbles I love bubbles.
  5. I cannot live without playing even if I am super busy which is most of the time , at least once a month I can throw a dinner party or go diving, seriously as a human being you need to play hard every now and again.

What’s your dream for yourself as a performer?

What I ultimately want to be doing is producing work where woman are the leads, where woman are the are not just a pretty face there smart and intelligent, make shows like the Fixer, How to get away with murder.

I also want to make stories about real woman by real woman I mean physically different to what we see on TV, like not skinny tall big breasted woman I want to see someone I look like on TV because that’s what I identify with and I think its beautiful. To see real people on TV.

Hollywood is definitely on my cards for me I want to go try and dare to fall but I won’t I want to go there and I am going to fly and Bollywood and Nollywood I literally want to take over the world.

Whats the best piece of advice you have ever received and why was it the best

Two pieces of advice I got which are really important to me is; save money especially as an actor because when rough times come you don’t want to be out on the streets.  Another piece of advice is to educate yourself  to empower yourself and another piece of advice is to stop listening to nay Sayers, stop listening to all the noise out there, just listen to yourself because our instincts are so full of power and we must never allow anyone to take that away from us or drain it out of us.

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