Two minutes with Ziyon

By Drum Digital
21 April 2017

I'm really excited about the space I find myself in at the moment- Ziyon

Singer Ziyon's solo career has been going great ever, the former Liquid Deep member spoke to DRUM about going solo, what he misses about Liquid Deep, his show called TONIGHT and more.

What's the show about? 

TONGHT is a night of great entertainment, for the grown and sexy. It's was started by Kidfonque, Kenzhero, & Maria McCloy

What can people expect from it?

Wonderful music and Beautiful people.

How has your solo career been? 

It has been very gratifying. I'm really excited about the space I find myself in at the moment.

Do you miss being part of a duo?

I have fond memories of those time & and I am grateful for the new chapter of my life.

What's different between the sound you have now and the one you had before with Liquid Deep?

The spirit of positivity in which the music is created is still the same. Now I just play with more genres than one.

Who are the local artists you would love to collaborate with?

Stogie T, Shekinah, Kwesta

Away from the public light what three things does Zion enjoy doing?

Reading, Mountain Bike riding, Hiking.

What five things can't you live without and why?

Music-  I love music

Family- They anchor you

Great Friends- They support you

A good book- To learn from

A funny TV series- For more laughter

TONIGHT takes place tomorrow night at 39 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi in Newtown

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