Two’s Company (3/4)

By Drum Digital
14 August 2014

Handsome Jerry made Refilwe go weak at the knees.

It all seemed so unfair. She was stuck. Now she might miss her English tutorial – and Jerry. She felt like crying. But wait. A cream 1988 Honda Ballade was approaching in the slow lane. It was Mr Makoba with Dudu and some friends in the back seat. She stepped forward, waving frantically. She felt her heart lift with joy when Mr Makoba stopped. She squeezed into the back, sitting on Dudu’s lap. Her carefully chosen clothes would be creased but she’d get there! The little car pulled off, struggling even more than before.

Thank you, God, she prayed. When they were dropped off she thanked Mr Makoba several times. He’d never really know how grateful she was. But she didn’t wait for Dudu, who was sauntering along at an easy pace, greeting people as she passed them. Refilwe needed to hurry. She checked her watch. Seven minutes late but she could still slip into the lecture theatre for her first lecture – history. She loved what history taught about people.

Why they acted the way they did. And what always amazed her was how people just kept making the same mistakes over and over again. They never seemed to learn. But today it somehow seemed so much less fascinating than usual. It was the immediate future, not the distant past, which now demanded most of her attention.

She gave up even trying to take notes. It was such a struggle. She just couldn’t seem to focus. She’d borrow Nomsa’s notes later. After all, Nomsa already owed her so many favours. At last the lecture was over. She wanted to leave as quickly as possible. She was in such a hurry she almost bumped into Duzi waiting patiently outside. “H-Hi Refilwe. I thought . . . Let’s walk to Room 33 together and catch up.” He smiled shyly.

“I-I can’t,” she stammered, averting his eyes. She just couldn’t bear to look at the hurt she knew she’d see there. “I’ve got to go somewhere very important,” she blurted out as she headed off. “I’ll keep a seat for you just in case,” he mumbled, turning to go.

To be continued...

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