Two’s Company (4/4)

By Drum Digital
15 August 2014

Handsome Jerry made Refilwe go weak at the knees.

As she hurried towards D-block – and Jerry – she spotted her tutor at the end of the passage, walking straight towards her. “Oh no,” gasped Refilwe, “I just couldn’t bear to lie to him.”

She ducked into a nearby toilet moments before he spotted her. She stood there, shaking, looking up at the clock on the wall.

She watched anxiously as two precious minutes dragged by, waiting until she could safely leave. She finally peered round the door to make sure he’d disappeared. Then she broke into a run, terrified that she’d be late. She arrived at their agreed meeting place, still catching her breath, moments before Jerry’s tall figure appeared.

His teeth gleamed as he smiled first at this one then that one as he made his way down the stairs to where she waited. Refilwe was aware of the envious glances of passing girls as he sauntered over to her. His constant chatter and cheeky remarks immediately lifted her spirits. He had her giggling all the way over to their table in the far corner of the canteen.

The things he said were just so outrageous! Now that they were seated, he was quiet. He gazed intently at her over the coffee cups.

Then he smiled slowly, meaningfully. He reached for her hands, gently caressing her fingers. Then he leaned towards her . . . Suddenly he looked over her right shoulder. His eyes widened. Refilwe was startled by an angry grunt that came from behind her. Then a female voice said: “Jerry!” Jerry licked his lips and swallowed.

“K-Kagiso! I-I thought you had a lecture now.” “So I see.” Her dark eyes glittered in her expressionless, golden face. “My lecture,” she suddenly retorted, “was cancelled.” The knuckles gripping her books whitened. “Refilwe,” he mumbled sheepishly, “meet my . . . my girlfriend, Kagiso.” Refilwe stood up and heard herself say, “Hello, Kagiso.”

She looked down scornfully at Jerry and said, “Goodbye, Jerry. I’ve just remembered I have an appointment I shouldn’t really miss, with a truly fascinating man.” She walked out of the canteen and began running towards Room 33. Maybe Duzi had kept her a seat after all.

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