uMthatha house of horrors

By Drum Digital
20 February 2015

The gruesome discovery of four little bodies in two freezers has left an Eastern Cape community rattled and confused. Who committed such a heinous ?crime – and why?

Angry residents surround the courthouse chanting, “No bail, no bail”.

They are shocked by the horror that has occurred on their doorstep, and they stream into the courtroom hoping for answers in this sickening case.

Acting on a tip-off, police made their way to ?a New Brighton location in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape on 2 February. There, they made the grim discovery of a number of frozen little bodies that had been stashed in two freezers.

One freezer that stood in the dining room contained three bodies. The other was in the kitchen and its ghastly contents had been carefully hidden under some cakes.

Once defrosted, the police were able to identify the four icy balls as the bodies of four babies and a foetus. The foetus had stuck to one of the other bodies.

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