Unathi on fame and her kids

By Drum Digital
06 April 2017

Unathi says she and Thomas always try to normalize things.

Remember in 2015 when Idols judge and radio personality Unathi Msengana was suspended after she put a cyber bully in their place?

Unathi says during that time the negative stories which were being written about  her also affected her family.

Speaking to True Love magazine Unathi revealed that her first born one day came from school and told her he had read on the internet what was happening.

"During the suspension, my son came  back from school and said, 'Mom, I'm sorry. I was on the internet and I read what's happening."We talked about it. Thomas and I try to normalize our lives," she explained.

"We explain  to the kids that fame  is being popular because you are good at what you do," Unathi adds.

She says in the past her  daughter used to not understand why people would greet  her and Thomas but after they explained what fame was, their kids understand better.

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