Uncollected ID's

By Drum Digital
20 July 2016

High rate of uncollected identity documents is concerning

By Brenda Sekgota

The number of identity documents awaiting collection at the Department of Home Affairs remains a concern.

The Department has confirmed that 282 300 identity documents (IDs) were uncollected by the end of June, including green IDs and smart cards.

With the local Government elections coming up, the Department encourages South Africans to collect their important documents.

Mayihlome Tshwete, the Department’s spokesperson, says it has been lenient on those who haven’t collected their IDs in over a year because of the upcoming elections.

After that, the Department will revert to their policy of destroying uncollected IDs exceeding a period of one year.

“With the election coming up very soon, people need to make it a priority to collect their IDs so that their able to exercise their democratic rights to vote,” Tshwete says.

KwaZulu-Natal is the province with the highest uncollected green IDs (18 773), while Gauteng is the province with the highest uncollected smart cards (51 261).

Although smart card IDs were introduced to decrease identity theft, these enabling documents are the least collected (237 619).

“People don’t see it necessary to have an ID, they use their driver’s licences as proof of identification,” Tshwete adds.

Home Affairs will introduce different incentives to ensure citizens in are constant need of their IDs, one of which is communicating with different institutions to not accept a driver’s licence as proof of identification. The Department also calls on different political parties to encourage voters to collect their IDs.

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