Understanding allergies 3

By Drum Digital
30 April 2014

What kind of allergies are out there that people young and old are likely to experience?

Pharma Dynamics’ Allergy Advisor, Dr Mike Levin helps you understand allergies. The doctor answers some questions in trying to make you understand this condition. This is part of the series of questions we thought you might want answered.

Allergy plays a role in many diseases, including asthma, urticaria (hives), rhinitis (hayfever or “sinus”), food reactions, drug reactions, eczema and others.  Respiratory allergies are caused by things that are breathed in, including house dust mites, grass, moulds, pollens from grasses and trees, dogs, cats and others.

Common food allergens include peanuts, egg, milk, fish, shellfish, wheat and soya.  Insect allergies include bees and wasps.  Drug allergies include antibiotics, painkillers, anaesthetic gents and others.

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