Unromantic Man 3/3

By Drum Digital
06 November 2013

Palesa is fed up with the lack of romance in her marriage. She longs to be swept off her feet...

Stan’s father hadn’t taught him how to love a woman and how to keep her happy. If it was a father’s responsibility to teach his son how to keep a marriage intact, then Stan would rate his father zero out 10 for not giving him a single tip in that department. Had he been close to his father, Stan would have picked up the phone and sought his advice. But he couldn’t talk to his father about such things. He would have to figure it out himself.

At the coffee shop, Palesa wanted to go up to the lovebirds to ask them the secret to such a perfect marriage. She wanted to share her sad story with them. Maybe they’d be able to help. Not wanting to risk embarrassment, Palesa decided against it.

From where she sat she strained her ears to catch their conversation. There had to be a better idea.

She left the coffee shop and pretended to window-shop nearby for a few minutes.

On returning she satisfied herself that they were deep in conversation then headed for a table near them.

Happy that she could hear everything, she ordered a cooldrink. Now she felt certain she’d find out the secret to their happiness. Anything to spice up her boring marriage would be welcome. As she sipped the cooldrink, she heard the secret that would change her marriage for good.

“I can’t keep on living a lie,” the woman started. “When are you going to tell your wife about us?”

“I don’t know,” the man said. “How do you think your husband and kids will take it when they find out you’re having an affair?”

For a few seconds Palesa couldn’t breathe. What a shock this was. The glass in her hand slipped and fell to the floor, attracting stares from other customers, including the two cheats at the next table.

A shop assistant rushed over with a broom and a cloth to clean up. Palesa felt conned and embarrassed that she’d almost jeopardised her own marriage by comparing Stan to a man who was cheating on his wife.

At that moment she felt someone touch her shoulder. “Honey, are you okay?” It was Stan.

He’d followed her.

“What happened? You don’t look well. I’m sorry if I made you sad. I guess I will have to love you the way you want me to.”

“Take me home, please. I just want to be at home with you,” Palesa said.

Stan helped her up and they walked out of the coffee shop. She was surprised when, for the first time, Stan actually put his arm around her waist in public.

Once in her man’s embrace Palesa felt safe and at home. Now that she knew the true nature of their relationship she pitied the unfaithful couple at the coffee shop because they’d never known true love.

As imperfect as her husband was, Palesa knew that he loved her and was loyal to her. Maybe he wasn’t the most unromanticman in the world after all.

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