Until you've heard from me (3/5)

By Drum Digital
18 March 2015

Sizwe thought it would be just another Sunday, until the girl sat down at the bus stop.

Another thing he had observed about women who looked like the one next to him – wearing artificial hair and looking as if they’ve just walked out of a magazine fashion spread – was how they have every second warm-blooded man banging down their doors. They were a man’s biggest accessory, an extension of his ego. This was not the impression Sizwe wanted to give her so he tried to find something else to break the ice.

Ice cold, he thought. Noticing the goosebumps on her arms, he decided to wait for a brief moment of eye contact, then he ventured, “Mother Nature isn’t very good at making weather, huh?” “Mn-huh . . . ” She seemed irritated as she looked back at the road, as if searching for something.

He decided to introduce himself, so he slid from his corner to the middle of the bench.

“I’m Sizwe,” he said. She surveyed him quickly, taking in the plain white t-shirt, heavy-looking cargos and a generally unkempt image.

She looked Sizwe over – from his bushy,uncombed hair down to his dirty, well-worn chucks. When the inspection was over, the girl announced, “I’m sorry – Sizwe, is it? But I’m really not dating broke guys right now.”

“Well, whadduya know, neither am I.”


“I like your hair”.

“Not funny”. She watched the road again.

“You know, I have a jacket you could borrow. Do you want me to get it out for you?” he asked as he unzipped his backpack.

“No need, my boyfriend’s picking me up.” Now she was looking squarely at him, seeming interested in how he would react.

Sizwe grinned and said, “Well, you’ve been here a while. You sure he’s only picking you up?”

She didn’t say anything, then looked away. “Can you at least tell me where he’s taking you, since I clearly don’t stand a chance?”

“A show.”

“Okay, I’m headed to one myself, down in Newtown.”


“Yeah.” He sensed the slight change in her tone. “I’m a poet. I hit on people for a living.”

A trace of a smile flickered across her face.

To be continued...

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