Until you've heard from me (5/5)

By Drum Digital
20 March 2015

Sizwe thought it would be just another Sunday, until the girl sat down at the bus stop.

He came off the stage to lengthy applause and made his way over to Wandi, who was sitting there with a strange glimmer in her “Uh, okay, I’m going to sit down now, is that gonna be a problem?”

“I couldn’t possibly mistake that voice,” she said.

“Well, I’m flattered, I think”, he replied, the adrenalin still pumping from the performance.

“Are you okay?”

Wandi kept looking down. She seemed extremely embarrassed but excited at thesame time.

“Vusisizwe Nkabinde – it’s you, isn’t it?” Sizwe was still trying to digest how she could know his full name. He wasn’t that popular, and the only people who knew his full name were those he’d either grown up or gone to school with. Wandi didn’t look very familiar, not at first glance anyway,then it came to him.

“No, wait a minute . . .”

A picture flashed through his mind. The girls at his old school, Melridge High, weren’t allowed to wear hair extensions . . .

Only then did he recognise her.

“Are you Zodwa Khumalo’s little sister, Wandile?” he asked.

“I still don’t like that name”, she said, but it was with joy in her tone because he still remembered her. “Man, I had such a big crush on you.”

“Me? You were just a cute little thing in Standard six! I was five years older. But I must admit you’ve grown up beautifully.”

Wandi leaned over. “Vusi, I tell you – you might just develop a crush on me, this time!”

Vusi laughed and took her hand. “Stranger things have happened, but . . . ”

“But what, Vusi?” Her big brown eyes were hypnotic.

“Until you’ve heard it from me, you’ve heard nothing!”

Then he kissed her. “Wandi, will you be my Valentine?”

“Hayi wena – I want a poem first!”

Sizwe thought fast, then whispered in her ear: “I was cast into this world, to wander and to roam. But when I fell into your arms, it was just like coming home.”

Wandi gave a sigh, then kissed him passionately. That was how the whole thing and the rest, as they say, is hysterical.

The end.

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