Unwind with your phone or tablet

By Drum Digital
22 May 2017

1st for Women understands that women do so much for others, that’s why they put women first with some helpful tips to unwind.

When you’re the middle generation of three (sandwich generation) who looks after parents and children, you’re almost always spread too thin. But don’t let stress get the better of you. 1st for Women understands that being the best version of yourself is what’s best for your family. Here they offer some convenient ways to unwind with technology that’s right at your fingertips – whether on your phone, tablet or computer.  This list of enjoyable list of apps can help you breathe, relax and chill out.



No need to take colouring-in books for adults everywhere you go. With this app, you take all the fun with you on your phone. The act of colouring in is soothing, distracting and unleashes your creativity. Colorfy offers mandalas and flowers for you to enliven with colour. You can also give animals, words and classic paintings by renowned artists your own spin. It’s a free app for Apple and Android devices with in-app purchases of extras and a seven-day free trial.



This meditation and relaxation app labels itself a “sanctuary in your pocket”. Listen to guided mediations while immersing yourself in the sounds of nature. Select how long you want to meditate – whether a few minutes at your desk at lunchtime or while the kids are at sports or dance class, or a more indulgent session before bed. The app carries a five-star rating in the Apple App Store, is easy to use and pretty too. It is a free app for Apple and Android devices with the option to subscribe.


Pzizz (pronounced puh-ziz) bills itself as the world’s most advanced sleep and power nap systems. Whether you suffer from insomnia or want to harness the benefits of a midday nap, this app claims it can help you fall asleep faster and feel more energised on waking. Each time you hit the start button it generates a new track lessening the likelihood of you getting bored. You can adjust the time from 10 minutes to 12 hours. It comes with a health warning: don’t use if you suffer from epilepsy or a psychiatric condition. It’s a free app available for Apple and Android devices.


Offering high-quality “holographic” audio recordings of nature – from quiet dawn mornings to dramatic thunderstorms. To get the most from the experience, you should listen to the tracks on headphones so you can take advantage of the spatial dimension of the audio. The free app comes with six installed tracks, from First Light to Night at Lake Unknown. You can set the time to fade out as you fall asleep or to gently wake you. Close your eyes where and when you can and genuinely find yourself transported into nature. The app is free with in-app purchases of extras.



This entertaining game calls itself a mix of sudoku, crossword puzzles, flow and pantone. The idea is to arrange increasing complex combinations of tiles according to tone and shade. Play against yourself or pit yourself against colour fundis around the world. As you progress through the stages, you can change the tile shape and game background. This game is addictive and strangely soothing. It consistently receives a five-star rating. It’s free with in-app purchases of extras and you can go premium for R289,99, or pay for individual packs.

Take a few moments every day to yourself so you can continue being the best version of yourself. You deserve it.


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