Up close and personal with Oscar winner Mahershala Ali

By Drum Digital
07 March 2017

All he got was 20 minutes, it's the total time Mahershala Ali is on screen in Moonlight, but he made every moment count

His mesmerizing performance as a soft hearted drug dealer has earned him and the film glowing reviews and around 29 accolades, including an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (a first for a Muslim actor), a Critics' Choice award and Screen Actors Guild award - that's more than one a minute! Little wonder his tongue - twister of a name is on everyone's lips.

The movie has mostly been causing waves because of the way it confronts the issue of the lack of male mentors for black boys. "I didn't have one black male professor or teacher my entire life," Mahershala (43) says. "For myriad reason, there's a lack of strong presence of African-American men to help lead some of these young men and to be role models."

He added that he was happy to step into this role for real on set, offering advice and support to 12-year-old Alex.

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