Up close with Generations’ Kagiso Rakosa

By Drum Digital
24 March 2011

NOT too long ago she was Mashaba Woman's feisty no-nonsense editor chasing exclusive covers and running the magazine with an iron (albeit well-manicured) hand. These days she's changing nappies and working out a feeding schedule – or rather she should be, except that new mom Sharon is finding it hard to adjust...

Unlike most new mothers who love nothing more than spending time with their baby, Sharon couldn't be bothered. She's already back at work while daddy Samuel (Thabiso Mokhethi) looks after little Sammy. Even when she is at home Sharon can't muster the tiniest enthusiasm for the adorable tot.In Generations' new storyline, Sharon suffers from postnatal depression, a serious condition that affects one in 10 new mothers and is characterised by feelings of sadness, emptiness, guilt and irritability as well as a lack of energy and a marked disinterest in their new baby.

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