UPDATE: #RhodesHasFallen

By Drum Digital
09 April 2015

After nearly a month of protesting, sit-ins and relentless meetings, the statue of Cecil John Rhodes has been removed.

Students and onlookers, who gathered at the bottom of Jameson steps, at the University of Cape Town, cheered as the statue was removed on Thursday.

Bystanders had started throwing items at the statue as the 17:00 deadline passed.

As the statue was lifted, it was beaten with belts and even with the first. Red and white paint was thrown over his face as the statue was being lifted.

News24's Jenna Etheridge, who was at UCT to witness the removal of the statue, said there was a fresh "whoosh" of air that tickled the base of the statue as it was officially lifted from it's podium at 17:37.

As the statue was removed she said a student who whipped the statue with a belt was cheered on by bystanders.

"Students threw rubbish onto the statue as it was placed on the truck. It took 10 seconds to move.

"A think metal chain was placed around the neck and a bucket of red paint dumped in the head of shoulders of the statue."

After the statue was removed, Etheridge said a group of students climbed on the base singing. One carried a placard reading "More than just a statue".

-Source: News24

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