Use the web to cook with your kids

25 March 2014

We asked our Facebook community of SuperMoms which activity their children love doing with them most and a lot of moms answered that cooking is a favourite. Now you can use the internet to guide you while you make the kitchen your playground. Here are our five favourite sites for cooking with kids.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver extends his culinary wonders to an online audience by uploading wonderful recipes on his YouTube channel. He also has a great Cooking With Kids series in which he shows recipes you can make with your children.

Fit for a Feast

Fit for a Feast is a Canadian channel of children’s ballet and gymnasts, but it also includes a cooking show for kids called Cooking Recipes for Kids, Tweens and Teens. The channel features easy-to-make recipes of tasty, healthy treats for your children to enjoy.  Step-by-step instructions make it simple for your kids to cook these themselves.

Videojug Food And Drink 

Videojug Food And Drink features child-friendly recipes and how to get vegetables into meals in a creative way that will be tasty for children and adults alike.


This channel features how-to videos and cooking tips for moms. Entirely devoted to cooking for children and healthy recipes, the site offers fast, easy and fresh homemade baby food recipes, as well as interesting lunchbox-friendly ideas you and your kids can make.

Telmo and Tula 

Telmo and Tula is an educational animation series that helps children develop their skills in crafts and cooking, stimulating creativity through fun. The episodes feature simple recipes for children with a large dose of humour from their favourite animated chefs.

-Gilda van Schalkwyk

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