Uyanda hits back about qualifications

By Drum Digital
01 March 2011

Poor Uyanda Mbuli, it seems the accomplished wife, mother, designer and businesswoman just can’t get a break!

The year hasn’t gotten off to a good start for the Diamond Face Couture designer, first there those stinging remarks about her expensive, French brand, Christian Louboutin shoes being fakes and now it’s her qualifications that have hit the spotlight.

A Sunday tabloid newspaper branded the always stylish fashionista a liar and a fake saying that her qualifications are bogus. While they agree that Uyanda holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of the Western Cape (UWC),  with majors in industrial psychology, accounting for management and economics, they state that her sales and marketing management diploma from Damelin College and a certificate in project management from the University of Johannesburg aren’t real.

A spitting mad, Uyanda hit back on her Twitter and Facebook accounts, where she posted pictures of her certificates and her supporters didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the comments, “Benni Langa A life built on passion and the pursuit of excellence versus a R6,00 newspaper. Which would a sane person support? Keep focused.”

“Thulas 'Khetah' Gumede I don't belive all that CRAP written, i know u've worked hard to be wher you are, and you have done great, you've made a name 4 yourself. . . I look up to you. . . “Uyanda says, “The journalist called me but once he I heard his name, I hung up. That same publication has made up stories about me why should I bother talking to them? The journalist sent me a long list of questions, dating back to my trip to the US in 2006 to my qualifications and I couldn’t be bothered to answer them.”

Uyanda explains she first got an inkling something was up on Saturday at midnight when some-one called her to say, she should get the paper. When I saw the paper, I was shocked, hurt, upset and disappointed. I couldn’t believe they were attacking my credentials. It really hit me hard as my education is my pride and joy, it’s the one thing no-one can take from you. To me this is a personal attack, they don’t say it’s alleged but they make up these statements as fact.

"As a public servant, (she’s the Head of Communications at Gauteng department of economic development) I have responsibility to the public to clear this up. I’m speaking to the institutions to make sure they can find my records and I’ve spoken to my legal team as I want to pursue a case of defamation and misrepresentation against the newspaper.”

She adds, “I’m just very disappointed at the level of reporting in some newspaper. How can you print something that’s not true, mislead your readers and attack someone like this? Even if you don’t like somebody, you can’t just attack them in a national magazine.”

Read more about Uyanda, get this week’s issue of DRUM and check out her fabulous shoes, home and family!

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