Uyanda Mbuli tweets from prison

By Drum Digital
04 May 2012

Socialite and businesswoman Uyanda Mbuli was arrested yesterday for violating a court order limiting her from having contact with her estranged husband Sisa Mbuli.

The socialite took to twitter with updates of her stint behind bars.

“My crime: Marrying the wrong man... My mom never told me when I got married that should I opt out I would end up a criminal...”

The socialite who is used to living the high life had to share a small cell in which she had difficulty falling asleep and tweeted:

“I can't sleep...I'm in a holding cell and Gard Damn, its cold sleeping on cement! LOL! I was arrested today & treated like the criminal I am!”

If her tweets are anything to go by, then she didn’t have much of a bad experience as she ended up sharing a cell with a fan who was seemingly excited to have been arrested with the beauty queen.

“She says she can't wait to go back home to share her experience of being arrested alongside her shero.... LOL! “

“I definitely fall in the category of people who see the glass half full...Jesu!!! I always see the good in everyone under any circumstances (smiling face).”

According to a daily newspaper, the police came to arrest her from the Kyalami house she shared with Sisa. When the police arrived Uyanda who was wearing a night gown, stalled and told them to wait outside as she went to change her clothes. But the socialite kept them waiting for more than two hours until they had to call a female police officer to fetch her from the house.

Our sources confirm that Uyanda had moved back into the family home two weeks ago but after a bitter fight with her estranged husband, he called the police on her.

The couple have been going through an embittered divorce in the past couple of months after 10 years of marriage.

Sisa refused to comment and Uyanda’s publicist was also unable to comment on the matter.

Uyanda is out on bail and it still unconfirmed when she will appear in court.

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