Uyanda's Revenge (1/5)

By Drum Digital
06 October 2014

The woman in the salon was the type to go for a married man – but whose husband was her target?

As she was folding the fresh towels, Uyanda noticed a new customer entering her hair salon. The woman wore a petal-and- diamond loop necklace just like hers – a gift from Ken for their seventh wedding anniversary. Uyanda was sure she was seeing the woman for the first time. Probably new in town, she thought.

Sibongile, the receptionist, greeted the pretty newcomer, “Good morning – may I help you?” “I’m Akhona.” And the woman smiled to show super-white dental veneers before she went on to inquire about the different hairstyles available. She looked like the executive type, wearing a black jacket and trousers with a crisp white blouse. She pushed her long hair extensions away from her face.

“That’s a lovely necklace,” Sibongile said during a pause in the conversation. Friendly and likeable, Sibongile had a way of making customers feel comfortable. “This? Thanks,” Akhona beamed. “It’s from Ken, my boyfriend.” Uyanda couldn’t believe her ears. What?! The same necklace, and a boyfriend with the same name as her husband! What a coincidence . . . “Today he’s playing golf with the boys,” Akhona continued.

“We’re getting married when his divorce is finalised.” Uyanda’s heart skipped a beat. Today her Ken was golfing! Was this really just a coincidence? She studied Akhona for a while.

She did seem just like the kind of woman who would steal someone else’s husband – aggressive, selfish and brazen. With that perfect body and perfect smile,Akhona could lure any married man, Uyanda decided. Lately Ken’s secretiveness had aroused concern and suspicion in Uyanda. He’d been spending so much time on the golf course that they seemed to be drifting apart.

He acted like a guilty man whenever he was at home – giving her gifts for no apparent reason, taking out the bin and doing the dishes without her having to nag him at all. Reflecting on her husband’s recent behaviour, Uyanda realised that Ken had become more attentive than usual, which had to be a clear sign that he was probably hiding something.

Uyanda, who tended to have an overactive imagination, hoped she was wrong. Akhona’s mobile rang. Uyanda listened attentively while pretending to tidy the magazines on the salon coffee table. She did not want to look as if she was eavesdropping. “Are you missing me?”

To be continued...

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