Uyanda's Revenge (2/5)

By Drum Digital
07 October 2014

The woman in the salon was the type to go for a married man – but whose husband was her target?

Akhona was flirting and giggling like a teenager in love. “I love you, too, sweetie pie. I hope you’ll like my new hairdo. I’m looking forward to meeting your new friend tonight. Afterwards, we’ll have an amazing time, just the two of us. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

After placing the phone in her purse, Akhona turned to Sibongile and said, “You might know my boyfriend. He’s always shopping around here. Ken Maphosa.” Uyanda froze. The magazines fell from her hands. She couldn’t process what she’d just heard. Akhona was her husband’s mistress!

For a moment Uyanda thought she was going to pass out. A dizzy spell took hold of her. You’ve got to be strong, she told herself. You can’t faint in front of all these clients. She reached for the nearest chair, sat down and breathed deeply. Her worst fear – that Ken would leave her for someone else – had become a reality. How was she supposed to react? How dare you do this to me, Ken!

That was her first thought after the initial shock. Why? Was her second thought. I thought you were my best friend but you’re cheating on me, you’ve bought your mistress the same necklace as mine and you’re plotting and planning to divorce me! A flood of tears filled her eyes. She couldn’t believe his betrayal. Ken had schemed and lied all along! “I’ll always stand by you,” Ken had told her.

And, like a fool in love, Uyanda had faithfully believed his every word. Now the thought of Ken in Akhona’s arms was too much for Uyanda to bear. Lately she’d been stuck at home, ignored, while Ken was spending quality time with Akhona. That hurt. How long had it all been going on? she wondered. To prevent a scene in the busy salon, Uyanda decided not to confront Akhona.

She’d talk to Ken later when she had cooled down. In anger she removed her necklace and wedding ring and threw them into her purse. She would pawn the jewellery, she decided, and blow the money on a holiday. A kind of calm came over her and she realised that she could turn the situation to her advantage.She’d been keeping a secret from Ken for months.

But now she was ready for war. It was time for Option B.

To be continued...

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