Uyanda's Revenge (3/5)

By Drum Digital
08 October 2014

The woman in the salon was the type to go for a married man – but whose husband was her target?

She punched some numbers into her mobile phone. “Hey, Ralph baby,” Uyanda said, as she left a message on Ralph’s voicemail. “I’ve got good news. I’m leaving Ken. I want us to be together. Speak to you later.”

Option B was in place. Uyanda drove home, imagining a new life with Ralph and his six-pack. Keeping the affair from Ken for six months hadn’t been easy. She blamed him for her infidelity.

He was the one who turned her into a golf widow. Now her infidelity was fully justified. Young and athletic, Ralph had come into Uyanda’s life as a breath of fresh air, arriving at a time when she craved attention. His being 10 years younger than her did not bother them at all. At first she felt very guilty because of her scheming and lying as she tried to cover her tracks.

However, the more time she spent with Ralph the easier the cheating and lying became. “You look lovely in that dress,” Ralph would compliment her, unlike Ken, who wouldn’t notice whether she wore a new outfit or not. When she was with Ralph she felt alive and attractive. “With you I’m not lonely,” she’d told Ralph. “Ken’s more interested in golf than me.”

It was as if Uyanda was having a second honeymoon whenever she was with Ralph. “You sure know how to make a woman happy,” she confided in him. Once she got home she packed most of her personal items into two large suitcases and waited for Ken. Breaking away from her shattered marriage was what she now needed to do.

She made a list of what she’d do with her new-found freedom. With a younger and energetic Ralph by her side, Uyanda expected a lot of excitement to come her way.

“Let’s travel and see the world,” Ralph had recently suggested. “Life’s too short to spend it trapped with someone you don’t love. Divorce him and I’ll marry you.” “I can’t,” Uyanda had said. “I’m not ready to rock the boat yet. I’ll wait for the right time.” And now the time was ripe. In fact, Uyanda wished she’d left earlier, when she first suspected Ken’s heart was elsewhere.

As Uyanda waited for her soon-to-be ex- husband to arrive, she sat down at her computer and Googled resort areas she longed to visit. As Ken had obviously been so busy with Akhona, it was a long time since he’d taken her out.

To be continued...

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