Uyanda's Revenge (4/5)

By Drum Digital
09 October 2014

The woman in the salon was the type to go for a married man – but whose husband was her target?

She planned to take Ralph on a holiday of a lifetime just after the divorce was finalised, so they could celebrate. She would miss the house and the comfortable life they’d built together, but she would battle Ken in court for half of everything during the divorce proceedings.

After all, he was the one who had started cheating. Taking a tour of her home, probably for the last time, she savoured the many happy memories she had of Ken and the house. They’d had many ambitious plans for the future when they’d first been in love.

In her lounge, she stood in front of a large portrait taken on their wedding day. They’d seemed so happy. They were so sure their love was unbreakable, never-ending. “Till death us do part . . .” Did anyone ever take those words seriously? Uyanda wondered.

If she ever married again she intended to take that phrase out of the wedding vows. She touched the shiny dining room table with her hand and remembered all the sumptuous dinners she had served. Uyanda loved cooking and hosting parties. She would miss the hearty laughter.

A recently divorced friend had confided how most of her friends had dumped her as soon as her marriage was over. “My married friends see me as a threat to their marriage,” Uyanda’s friend had said tearfully. “Talk about insecure fair-weather friends!” Uyanda wondered if her friends would ostracise her once she left her husband. She decided she did not really need those types of friends and with Ralph by her side she didn’t really need any friends.

Ralph was her everything. After finishing the tour of her house, Uyanda reflected on how she had been happy once. But it was all in the past now and she needed to move on.

Uyanda heard Ken’s car being parked in the garage. She felt anger overwhelming her. This was the man who had snatched away her chance of a happy marriage.

She had cheated because he had cheated first. She was the wronged party, not him.

To be continued...

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