Uyanda's Revenge (5/5)

By Drum Digital
10 October 2014

The woman in the salon was the type to go for a married man – but whose husband was her target?

“Honey,” Ken said, handing her a bunch of flowers. “I’m expecting some . . . What’s happening? Why the luggage?” He moved close to her and attempted to give her a hug but she pushed him away.

“Flowers? Really?” Uyanda spoke with a voice drenched in sarcasm before throwing the red roses back at Ken. “It’s over between us!” she stormed. “I’m moving out.” She grabbed the two heavy suitcases. “What’s happened?” Ken asked, surprised. “Why the drama?” “Drama? Akhona happened, that’s what,” Uyanda fumed. “You cheated on me. Your little secret is out!” Before Ken could respond, Uyanda went on.

“Well, guess what? I’ve got breaking news for you too. I’ve been having an affair with a younger man and I’m leaving you for him. He’s everything you’re not. He’s given me more love than you’ve ever given me in our marriage. It’s over between us. You can marry your mistress, I don’t care. But I’ll fight to get half of everything we built in this marriage. The next time you see me will be in court.”

“But . . . ” Ken stared at Uyanda in hurt and disbelief. Just then they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Shattered, Ken opened it to reveal Akhona with a man Uyanda had not met. With a rising sense of panic, Uyanda saw the man’s surname emblazoned on his golf cap. Maphosa. Spelled with a “ph”.

“Oh, I saw you today at the salon,” Akhona said brightly. “You must be Mrs Maposa. I’m Akhona and this is my fiancé, Kenneth Maphosa. The two Kens met on the golf course, and they bonded over having similar names. Your husband invited us over.”

Uyanda’s mobile phone beeped. It was a text from Ralph: “Sorry, I’ve thought it over,” she quickly read. “It’ll never work between us. I need my freedom.”

For the second time that day Uyanda thought she was going to faint. Her existence was slowly turning into a nightmare.

“Why don’t you both come in?” Ken said to Akhona, giving Uyanda an icy look. “I’m afraid my wife was just leaving. Please take a seat while I help her load her stuff.”

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