V-mash's cry for help

By Drum Digital
11 September 2013

Once a sought-after TV star, Vinolia Mashego is now penniless and desperate for a second chance.

THE woman we meet today is a far cry from the lively, entertaining personality who brought our TV screens to life.  Today she’s miserable, depressed and even suicidal.

“I’ve been unemployed for 13 years and I don’t understand why doors are closed on me,” says Vinolia Mashego, sobbing. “What sin did I commit for which I can’t be forgiven?

“My family and those I used to call friends in the entertainment industry have turned their backs on me. What am I supposed to do to get a job?”

She was once was a sought-after TV presenter, actress, MC and entertainer but today, as we sit in the RDP house she shares with a friend, an inconsolable Vinolia – popularly known as V-Mash – weeps in desperation.

She fell from grace after a string of bad media reports alluding to assault and indecent behaviour. The last straw was when she was locked up for three hours when a neighbour reported her for parading around naked, and this is when she revealed she was pregnant with her second child.  This allegedly led to her being fired from Jam Alley.

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