Valuable tips for baby’s bath time

By Drum Digital
26 May 2014

Bath time for baby can be an intimidating affair for first time moms (and dads!). Here are four top tips to help you perform this little task with flying colours.

1.       Be prepared

Before even running the water make sure you have everything you need for a bath at hand. That way you won’t be missing a crucial cream or object halfway through bathing your baby.

2.       Warm the room

Keep your baby warm and comfortable during bath time. Place a heater in a safe spot in the bathroom for an hour or two before bath time. Remember to unplug and remove the heater before you start bathing your child.

3.       The perfect temperature

It’s a good habit to first run the cold water before adding the hot. This ensures the water is always cool first as opposed to scalding hot. Your baby might not like the colder water, but it’s much safer than it being piping hot.

4.       Be product smart

Your baby’s skin is soft and delicate so it’s important to choose products that will help protect their gentle skin. Pick pH-balanced and dermatologically tested products for your tot.

Source: Krayons

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