Vatiswa Ndara reveals something she hates

By Drum Digital
11 July 2017

Actress Vatiswa Ndara is probably one the most loved and talented actresses in Mzansi. Her role as NomaRussia on Mzansi Magic's hit show has made her get even more love.

Vatiswa says she loves that people appreciate her work but the one thing that annoys her is when people start talking the Open The Industry talk.

"I hate that line. Can I tell you why? Because, I mean, there was this whole thing open up the industry, it's not easy for actors. So if you see me in one show, which was probably shot last year and then you see me in something now, we've probably shot that over a month," Vatiswa told Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral.

Vatiswa added that people won't know that the people they say must open up the industry haven't had it easy.

"Don'munderstand and they say 'we're seeing the same faces over...' Do you know how long those faces have not been working," Vatiswa added.

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