Voortrekker Monument willing to take Kruger statue

By Drum Digital
09 April 2015

Statues should ideally remain where they were originally placed, the Heritage Foundation and Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve said on Thursday.

The Voortrekker Monument would be willing to take the Paul Kruger statue but it would not be ideal, said chief conversation officer Cecilia Kruger after reports this week suggested that the monument would be the best place to house the statue.

"We would but we are very adamant that the first prize would be that the statues remain where they were erected in the first place because they are in context, that would be first prize," Kruger told News24.

"We would be willing to take in statues, for example the Paul Kruger statue, even the Rhodes statue if endangered if necessary, but that is not desirable at all."

Source: news24wire.com

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